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  • Idioma: INGLÉS
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  • ISBN: 9783736893238
  • Editorial: BOOKRIX

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Descargar audiolibro en inglés SKY GAZER de KATRYN ALI


I write a various content, from science-fiction, fantasy, horror, to children's stories and novels. Writing is my passion. My heart and soul go into each and every book too. This is three story books actually. They all take place out in outer space. In Book 1 - Pirate's Treasure: This is a book about pirates and goofy animal-like characters. In Book 2 - Galactic Pioneers: This is actually 5 short stories that all run into each other more like a novel with chapters. But I put this together in one juicy page turner. And finally in Book 3 - Sky Gazer: This story is about a man. A very simple, hard working man that just wants a little respect from the woman that he married. But instead all he gets is a nagging, griping woman. Haren, so fed up with her nonsense, decides one day to construct a spaceship and head out to the stars. You can read these in order of appearance or in whichever arrangement you might like. It is just simply my Science-Fiction Book Set.

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